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Confined Space Methane Divers

Our confined space teams run deep with experience. For many years we have been making safe entry into some of the most demanding Permit Required Confined Spaces. Using special tools and supplied air,

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Working underwater is what we do. Our divers are among the best in the business. We have provided divers and equipment to complete many marine construction and repair projects.

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Contaminated Diving

Diving in contaminated environments requires special training, planning and equipment. At Commercial Diving and Marine Services, we have prepared our teams to work in Nuclear, Biological and Chemically Contaminated Environments.

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Using state of the art live feed video systems and hardwire communication, our divers perform detailed inspections of equipment and structures that can be viewed in real time.

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We provide a wide range of maintenance services, from cleanings and inspections, to complete rebuilds of equipment to ensure reliability when you need it most.

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Mud Separator

Our Mud Separator System can handle a variety of materials which can be pumped in a slurry. The bank of Hydro Cyclones separates the heavy solids by means of centrifugal force.

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Nuclear Diving

Our divers have many hours of experience working within the Nuclear Power Industry. We have successfully completed projects in Condensate Tanks, RHR Reservoirs, General Service Water Intakes, Cooling Ponds,

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We have decades of experience in Salvage operations. Our stock of ready to deploy lift bags can provide over 100 TONS of lift where heavy equipment is not available.

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Zebra Mussels

Our experience in Zebra Mussel Removal and Control is unsurpassed in the Great Lakes. Our methods have proven to be cost effective and environmentally sound. Using divers, we can eliminate the need for costly and time consuming de-watering to

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